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Founded in the year 2000, Leadership Freight is a company of Brazilian origin, headquartered in Sao Paulo.

Working professionally, we could position ourselves successfully in the market from the very beginning, being acknowledged by customers, partners and suppliers alike. We began to expand our services beyond our borders to become Leadership Freight Group with the opening of Leadership Freight Colombia in 2008, Leadership Freight USA in 2012 and most recently with the newest one, Leadership Freight Italy in 2015, all of them covering the whole countries where they are based.

Convinced that today our customers are facing a much more dynamic world full of constant challenges, we want to be your strategic partner offering comprehensive services to improve cost, time and results.

With a highly trained team in each of our stations and with the support of a wide network of professional agents in key locations worldwide, we design logistics strategies to give our clients the needed support regarding the management of all participants of the Foreign Trade chain.

The good results achieved since our inception continue to grant out clients the confidence to develop a solid-term business relationship with our commitment to be at the forefront of the new challenges of the global Foreign Trade.

We really take care of your goods. Quality is our biggest differential. Work with us and only good results will show up!

When you become our client, you become unique and will have the best team working with you.

That's how we like to do. Our commitment with a great experience is everything!

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